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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A middle school in Flagstaff, Arizona requested a charter bus rental for an upcoming field trip to the Grand Canyon National Park. The trip would take students approximately 90 minutes each way, with the bus remaining on-site during the visit. To accommodate the 65 students and 8 chaperones, the school booked a full-size charter bus with a capacity of 56 passengers. The rental cost $950 for the day, plus a 20%team’s gratuity and $75 for the team’s hotel room. Parking fees at the Grand Canyon were included in the quote. With the total cost split among all attendees, each student only paid around $16 for convenient transportation!

Example #2:

A large corporation in Flagstaff, Arizona needed transportation for their annual team-building retreat. They requested a charter bus rental to shuttle employees from the Phoenix airport to their resort accommodations in Sedona. The group planned several outdoor excursions like hiking and rafting, so they needed a bus with ample storage space for their gear. With 45 employees attending the multi-day event, the company reserved a full-size charter bus with 56 seats. Their quote included a daily rental rate of $1,100 for the bus, plus the team’s hotel accommodations and gratuity. To reduce costs, the company booked their bus six months in advance during the winter off-season.

Example #3:

A high school basketball team from Flagstaff, Arizona needed transportation for their regional tournament in Phoenix. With 15 players, 3 coaches, and lots of equipment to bring along, they requested a 56-passenger charter bus rental. The 250-mile round trip journey would take approximately 5 hours each way. Since the team needed the bus for 3 days, they were quoted $2,400 for the multi-day rental. This covered the team’s wages, fuel, and standard amenities like air conditioning and storage space for their gear. The price didn’t include the team’s hotel stay, which the team had to book and pay for separately. They also needed to budget for parking fees at the tournament venue and tip their professional team 15-20% of the total cost.

Example #4:

A group of 15 teachers from a local high school in Flagstaff, Arizona planned a day trip to the Grand Canyon for an educational field study. They requested a charter bus rental to transport them to and from the national park, located about 80 miles from their school. With the long travel distance, the bus company charged a daily rate of $1,200 for the full-sized bus rental. The teachers also needed to pay for the team’s hotel room, as the trip would require over 10 hours of driving time. After factoring in a $100 hotel cost and a suggested 15% team gratuity, the total charter bus rental price for this day trip came to $1,590.

Example #5:

A bride in Flagstaff, Arizona called to book transportation for her upcoming wedding. She needed a shuttle to transport her bridal party from their hotel to the ceremony venue, followed by transportation for all guests to the reception hall after the nuptials. With over 100 guests attending, she opted for a full-size charter bus that could comfortably seat everyone. The rental rate for the 56-passenger bus was $950 for 8 hours of service, plus a 20% gratuity for the team. Additional fees included a $75 parking permit at the venue and $120 for the team’s hotel room, as the wedding spanned two days. In total, the charter bus cost $1,320 for the weekend wedding celebration.

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